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New Residents

New residents to the City of Round Rock, TX have joined one of the fastest growing communities in the nation. In 1970 there were only 2,700 residents in this town, today there are more than 100,000 individuals calling Round Rock home. (See Google map; Round Rock is located at latitude 30° 30’ 76” N.; longitude 97° 42’ 30” W.; elevation 709’)
We often get questions about schools, neighborhood associations, the political structure, and how to connect water, wastewater, electric, and gas. This page provides some general information.


Water, wastewater, and garbage pickup are billed through the city’s Utility Department. Visit the Utility Department web page for more information. You’ll find that you can apply for the water and wastewater services through the mail.
Round Rock contracts with Round Rock Refuse to provide curbside recycling and garbage collection service for all residential customers. Residents are provided two 96-gallon containers, a brown one for garbage and a green one for recycling. Garbage will be collected once per week and recycling collected every other week. The only holidays are Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, if they fall on a collection day. For information, call Round Rock Refuse at 255-4980.
Gas is provided by Atmos Energy. Please contact them to set up these utilities. Their customer service number for Central Texas is 1-800-460-3030.
The electricity transmission and service provider is Oncor. In most areas of the City, electric service is open to competition; check with your builder or Realtor to be certain. To learn about the retail service options available,
Power out?Oncor provides 24/7 outage information here. The City of Round Rock is not responsible for electricity service.


The Round Rock Independent School District (RRISD) serves Round Rock, parts of Williamson County, parts of Travis County, and parts of Cedar Park and Austin. In some states, city governments administer the school district. In Texas, however, school districts are independent tax entities with their own taxing authority and governing board. The school district serves several cities and two counties. Questions about the school system should be directed to RRISD.

Neighborhood associations

Depending on the subdivision in which you live, there may be a neighborhood association which can be either an informal group of individuals who get together to socialize or are formed for more formal purposes as defined by deed restrictions or to maintain agreements between the home owners and developers. Please ask your realtor for more information.

City services

City services that have a direct impact on the public include PoliceFireLibraryParks and RecreationTransportation,Utilities and Environmental ServicesPlanning and Development ServicesWater (Utility) Billing, and Municipal Court. Other departments in the city include City AdministrationFinanceHuman Resources, and PurchasingCode Enforcementis a division of the Planning Department. Animal Control is a division of the Police Department.
In most cases, the city provides services only to those located within the corporate city limits of Round Rock. Postal addresses do not reflect city residency. If you are unclear as to residency, you should check with your realtor, the county tax office (512-248-3278) or the city’s Planning and Development Services (512-218- 5428)

City government

The city has what is called a Manager-Council form of government. Council members do not serve in a particular district, but are elected to serve the entire city. City elections seldom have party politics involved — this may be different from what you are used to. See the Council page for more information on this topic.

County government

County government has limited responsibility within the city limits. Its responsibilities are defined by state government. Round Rock is located primarily in Williamson County, with just a small area in Travis County to the south along IH 35. Austin is located in Travis County.
If you find that you do not live within the city limits of Round Rock, you will most likely be in Williamson or Travis County. Williamson County provides police safety for city non-residents through the Sheriff’s office, some human services, county road and bridge maintenance, and the County Court system. The County maintains records for marriage, divorce, births and deaths. Visit the Williamson County web site for more county services. County Commissioners are elected by precinct and the elections are based on party affiliation.
For the non-resident, fire protection is provided by volunteer fire departments which have taxing authority. Water and sewer will be handled either through septic systems and wells on your property, or through a quasi-governmental entity called a “MUD”, or municipal utility district, not affiliated with any city government. MUD responsibilities are defined by state law. The MUD is governed by a board elected by the residents served by the MUD. In some areas of the county, water and electrical may be provided by a neighboring city.

State government

The city and county is currently split in terms of State Senatorial and County Commission representation. This may change during redistricting. To determine your precincts, you can either register to vote (the numbers are on the voter’s registration card) or call 512-943-1630.

What’s going on

Though not exhaustive, the city does provide a calendar of events. Government meetings, community-wide events, and neighborhood activities are listed on this page. Items are added at the request of the event sponsor or governmental agency. Also, visit the Round Rock Convention and Visitor’s Bureau’s web site for area attractions, shopping, meeting facilities and more.

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